Mmhmm – Zoom fatigue is real, can this new tech fix it?

As early as May of 2020 Zoom fatigue was already a trending topic. Libby Sander and Oliver Baumen covered this in great deal in their TED talk ideas. It’s a great post that talks about the physical and psychological challenges of relying completely on remote tools for interactions with our peers and clients.

At the same time, almost every b2b brand pivoted to digital conferences for their customers. This experiment has highlighted much of the boondoggle atmosphere that has taken over conferences in many industries. Many of these conferences have become bloated both in terms of cost of attendance and content – which results in lower quality and ROI for attendees.

Over the weekend, we discovered a new app that is attempting to deliver a new experience for digital presenters and their attendees… and it’s incredibly compelling.

We see this as a self contained studio and Phil Libin CEO of All Turtles and mmhmm describes this as self-produced tool that gives you features to create visuals like the Weekend Update or Jon Oliver. The TL:DW of the video highlights the following features:

Web Conference Background customization but animated

Like Zoom and some of the other providers, mmhmm will enable background customization… but multiplied. They will allow traditional background swapping, as well as animated backgrounds as well as popouts of anything you want from Instagram, to video feeds and more. This could have massive impact from b2b to streaming content via twitch. Vloggers and youtube commentators leveraging these tools as soon as mmhmm reaches general availability.

He goes on to highlight that this is a new way to present eliminating the “…awkward dance of can i share my screen, can they see my slides.” Which takes up a disproportionate amount of time in today’s current ecosystem.

Organic content sharing and forced focus

A major challenge B2B presenters still encounters is putting too much content on slides. It’s shocking that in 2020 organizations haven’t figured out the Apple approach to presenting, placing one concept on a slide at a time to insure focus and understanding. If you place too much content on a slide, the viewer will read the content and not listen to what the presenter is saying.

The flexibility built into mmhmm allows presenters to build organic organization, constantly changing focal points creating a more organic and engaging experience that ultimately will increase viewership and drive increased retention throughout videos.

Other Video Conference features:

  • forcing a choice between seeing the presenter and the slides
  • Automatically adjust size and focus for better interactions
  • Airplay from phone
  • Synchronization for multiple providers through Multiplayer
  • Dynamic Decks enabling the ability for viewers to change priority content on their own

Zoom Enhancement not Replacement

Covid-19 turned Zoom into a behemoth overnight. Phil and his team aren’t trying to go after the provider, they are planning to augment it with the previously mentioned features. “it’s not trying to replace how you normally have meetings or talk about or stream content… it just makes it better.” – Phil Libin CEO of All Turtles and mmhmm. In fact, they work with Zoom, Meet, YouTube and more. Essentially this application is middleware with one goal. Creating a fantastic user-experience regardless of the video conferencing or other software being used.

Sales Enablement and Teleservices

We believe this will have a profound impact in the sales and teleservices areas especially if they can interact with Salesloft and type tools. The ability to create concise presentations that don’t lose targets attentions is incredibly valuable. This may solve that in a big way.


We haven’t received access to mmhmm yet but are incredibly excited to test it out. After we get access we will share an in-depth review. In the meantime, we encourage you to sign up for the beta here.