Dialpad nabs Highfive – poised to take on the legacy incumbents

Zoom continues to be the media darling during the digital transformation shift forcing organizations to allow work from home (WFH) during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our sister site ucrankings.com has positioned dialpad as a darkhorse in the unified communications space for some time. Created by industry voice leader Craig Walker and backed by Google Ventures. Dialpad has gone through many iterations as it nimbly navigated the convoluted voice and Unified-Communications-as-a-Services (UCaaS) space. The entrepreneur originally created a company called dialpad, that went on to be acquired and became Yahoo Voice. From there, he created Grand Central, which became Google Voice and then moved on from SIP to create Uberconference, one of, if not the first commercially viable WebRTC deployment.

Yesterday, with the acquisition of Highfive, dialpad is positioning itself as a true soup-to-nuts UCaaS disrupter that may be able to take on the incumbents like 8×8, RingCentral, and Vonage. Walker was quoted in techcrunch: “When we did UberConference eight years ago, we were like, ‘look, 80% of, of conferences are just people on the phone. So let’s make phone, audio conferencing better,” Walker said. “And then, obviously, over time time that started changing and then COVID totally accelerated it. So with that accelerating, we realized we really want to double down on video — and not with a mindset of ‘hey, video as a standalone thing is going to be a big investment,’ but video, as part of business communications, has to be excellent and has to be part of a Unified-Communications-as-a Service (UCaaS) system.”

Dialpad IPO imminent?

Dialpads meteoric rise isn’t without faults. They were lagging behind in their video capabilities. The pandemic provided an opportunity for video-first or video-only providers to flex their muscles in terms of market share and eventual valuation. There were small rumors that at some point dialpad would re-integrate with Google and become their solution for businesses continuing to evolve within the Google Suite ecosystem. This move would have positioned them as a fantastic alternative to Microsoft Teams. Is this still on the table? Possibly. Dialpad also remains private, which provides a number of benefits. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see a filing in the near future. The combined services could be the perfect precursor.

Highfive is the perfecet video conferencing compliment.

Highfive has very competitive pricing for web conferencing plans with no limits on meeting length, quantity of meetings, and a large number of participants. This competitive solution provides and incredible symbiosis to Dialpads incredible suite of voice, contact center, high velocity, and conference solutions.

What do you think? is this a game changer in the space. Let us know