What’s Next for NextRoll?

NextRoll (AdRoll and Rollworks Parent) announces record profit and a new CEO

NextRoll delivers B2C and B2B display technologies and platforms empowering organizations to better target and engage their prospects with seamless tools and integration.  Nearing $200m in revenue, the organization has enjoyed massive growth by splitting off their B2b solution into a separate tool.  Rollworks has quickly established itself as a reliable B2b solution allowing organizations to target accounts and contacts based on criteria within their platform.  

Rollworks created a platform that seamlessly integrates with common marketing platforms including LinkedIn, Hubspot, Marketo and salesforce.com allowing organization a single platform for their targeted display campaigns.  

Account-Based Digital Display

Rollworks highlights their ability to turn prospects into customers, stating that they “do more than serve ads…” they leverage ML and big data to provide additional insights.

  • Account Identification: Determine Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and select a list of target accounts and contacts.
  • Account Engagement: Engage that ICP and accounts as well as key buyers with precised digital ads
  • Account-based measurement: Measure effectiveness of programs at the account, buying group, and contact level.

Robin Bordoli has been named as new CEO of the combined organizations and president of Rollworks, with the role of president of AdRoll still open.  Bardoli is an ABM and marketing Technology vet with leadership positions at multiple organizations including Marketo. 

“I’ve spent my career identifying emerging growth markets and aligning a company’s technology and resources against them, so joining a company like NextRoll and partnering with Toby over the last 18 months on our two growth opportunities was very appealing to me. I’m humbled and excited to take the baton from him after his successful three-year tenure of transformation,” said Robin Bordoli, CEO of NextRoll.

We’ve noted the increasing convergence around Account-Based Marketing technologies and anticipate that this move may be a sign of what’s to come for this technology display vendor. What is interesting in the announcement is that they plan to also hire a new president for the AdRoll side of the business, which may indicate an eventual separation, if the value of RollWorks by itself allows it to be a target. 

We wouldn’t be surprised if this appointment leads to future consolidation as NextRoll may be a great target for ABM convergence or an IPO. 

Read the Press Release here.