ABM Platform Terminus enters the Sales Data Fray with GrowFlare Acquisition

We’ve been discussing the massive consolidation occurring in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space here and on our partner websites sdwanrankings and ucrankings all year. Marketing Technology has been seeing incredible consolidation in 2020 and Terminus is one of the leaders with at least 3 medium sized acquisitions in a little over a year.

Why the acquisition of GrowFlare is important.

As ABM platforms continue to mature, the focus has shifted to consolidating feature sets and gaps. A variety of major Data aggregators have increased the competitive landscape recently which sent the industry from a coopetition mentally to obvious competition. Dun and Bradstreet (NYSE: DNB) acquisition of Customer-Data Platform (CDP) and Machine Learning Prioritization engine Lattice Engines and the most recent acquisition of Lattice Engine competitor Everstring by industry powerhouse Zoominfo (NASDAQ: ZI) (Who previously acquired DiscoverOrg). Both of those companies enjoyed successful IPO’s in the last year.

These acquisitions will make it harder for previously complimentary providers as the feature sets of these platforms mature and overlap.

According to the Press Release, This acquisition combines a “Unique blend of predictive AI, psychographic data, and dynamic intent signals helps sales and marketing teams focus investment and accelerate growth all from within the Terminus Account-based Platform.”

Key Benefits for ABM:

With the addition of GrowFlare, revenue teams can now:

  • Identify new, relevant target accounts based on psychographics and lookalikes in just seconds.
  • Dynamically prioritize accounts based on the trends of what companies are saying with GrowFlare’s scoring and alerts functionality.
  • Help sales determine what to say and when to say it with the powerful combination of psychographic profiling and account intelligence.
  • Enable go-to-market teams to quickly understand a company’s messages and interest from within the tools they use every day like their CRM or browser.

Marketing Leadership and Trust

The acquisition also joins SaaS leader Matt Belkin with Terminus CEO Tim Kopp who have strong synergistic experience across the majority of key marketing technologies over the last 20 years. Tim Kopp is quoted, “Now teams can identify best-fit target accounts instantly, leverage unmatched AI and psychographic data to know exactly what to say and when, all while being more budget efficient. This kind of psychographic data has long been used by B2C marketers to profile their future customers and now B2B marketers can as well. This is the modern approach to uncovering target accounts, and accelerates our position as the most intelligent B2B sales and marketing and platform available.”

You can learn more about the announcement here.